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A Developer's Field Guide to Web3 protocols, tools and ideas.

Welcome to Protocol

Like almost everyone this year, I, DappaDan, have decided to start a newsletter. If you are reading this, I actually did it! Welcome to the Protocol Newsletter - A Developer's Field Guide to Web3. Let me explain what this is and why I am writing it:

What is Protocol?

Protocol is a developer's field guide to Web3. Didn't you read that earlier? Let me explain more. Field Guides are books used by explorers in the "wild" to help them identify different plants, animals, rocks, danger, friendlies, etc.

Much like a real field guide, this newsletter is for developers to understand the wild world of Web3. There are so many tools, projects, protocols, and ideas always popping up in this "builder phase" of Web3 and they are all fighting for the hearts and minds of developers.

This can be a crazy place. How do you know what tools to use on your next project? Which protocols are worth investing in? How do these crypto concepts actually apply to you as a developer?

Hopefully, this newsletter will help you along your journey in answering these questions!

Why Protocol?

There are many Web3 protocols, tools, and projects that are thirsty for developers to use them (almost too much). But sadly, Web3 still has a content problem. Most of what we hear about these projects and tools comes from their own DevRel teams.

This isn't a bad thing. This content is normally good and informative (except for the TikToks). But if we only get good technical content from one source we lack diversity of opinion and some critical edge.

On the flip side, there are other projects which aren't fortunate to be funded enough to have a DevRel team. These projects could be doing some amazing stuff but struggle to both make engaging content and communicate their value.

This newsletter will solve both of these problems. You will get honest and clear reviews of the project's current state, how useful we feel it is, how to get started working with it, and how it compares to other alternatives among other knowledge nuggets.

But Why You DappaDan?

Well, I am glad you asked! Over the past year and a half, I have worked as a Freelance Technical Writer for many projects spanning Web3 Infra, Decentralized Storage, Web3 Gaming, Wallet Experience, and all the other flavors of Web3. During that time I had this itch to start writing more independently from all of the knowledge I had gained. This is me finally scratching that itch.

I truly believe that everyone in the Web3 community is trying to build a better version of the internet. One that is fairer, funnier, and more functional. I'm trying to do my part to spotlight the projects I feel are doing this best and I hope to help make them better!

Thanks for Reading!

Edition 1 of this Newsletter will be looking at the Fleek Protocol. It will be fresh off the digital press on March 17th. Hope to see your beautiful eyes there! Subscribe above.

Interesting in Contributing

Doing stuff alone is ok but doing things together is way better. If you are interested in writing for this newsletter, please reach out to me on Lens, Twitter, or Telegram. You don't have to be a pro writer or anything, I'm happy to help anyone get started!

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